I enjoy making things that help people level up in life. It could be a TikTok video that provokes a good laugh, or a 360-degree cause marketing campaign that prompts a career change. Whenever my work is able to elevate the consumer, I win because of the joy it gives me. And the brand wins, too. I believe this is what Science refers to as a win-win-win. 

The values that guide me daily. 

Curiosity. Courage. Kindness. Gracefulness. Gratitude. Fun. 

My experience and specialization. 

Copywriting. Concepting. Video Production. Branding. 

A fact. You can decide if it’s a fun fact or not.

OK. Once upon a time I was a Stunt Kid, then a Stunt Teen, and I even completed the evolution to Stunt Man. [>IMDB<]