I joined the in-house creative team at UCLA with a strong desire to see my creative skills contribute to positive change in the world. UCLA provided that opportunity as a global brand dedicated to solving the world's greatest problems. I've been fortunate to help tell their story, including their most recent campaign, Knowledge Solves.

Knowledge Solves 

Ask: Build brand affinity and engagement by showing people how UCLA is dedicated to making their communities a better place. 

Insight: Whatever problem you can imagine there is someone from UCLA working to solve it. The school is a bastion of knowledge and progress around the world, defending people and the planet as only a public university can. 

Solution: A 360 degree campaign that didn’t shy away from tough topics like homelessness, immigration, racism and climate change. It cut through because it was real, relevant, at times shocking yet always optimistic at its core. 

(National TV and social campaign :30)




(click to read my long form copywriting on the campaign’s “impact” page)

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UCLA in-house creative 
CD: Powell Michael
ACD: Mike Conboy
Sr. CW: James Knutila
Sr. CW: Zane Cassidy
Sr. AD: Sakol Mongkolkasetarin
Sr. AD: Tony Stella