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I help brands develop their identity and express it through memorable concepts and copy.

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I’m a creative problem solver with ten years experience on big brands, small brands, tasty brands, inedible brands, super serious brands, sorta-funny brands.

I enjoy making strategic creative; the kind that provides business results and customer value. Might sound boring on the surface, but I insist that it’s fun for everyone.

A client once said:“His ability to tie creative thinking to consumer insights, trends/culture, and our marketing objectives was unmatched by any creative I have ever worked with. It was always clear where an idea started and how he got to the final product.” Gina Colonette, Philips

My core values:
Curiosity. The act of learning and unlearning is like sunshine for the mind. Curiosity keeps me aware, grateful and open to new ideas.

Adaptability. I’m gonna let Lau Tzu take this one, “A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The stiff will be broken; the soft will prevail.”

Belief. You can call me Ted Lasso because I believe in belief and that the customer notices said belief. Trickle down belief-onomics.

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State Farm

        The brand wants to be known as a “good neighbor,” but what gives them the street credit? The authenticity of this claim hinges on their Neighborhood of Good platform.   

SF x Panic! at the Disco

State Farm wanted more people to be aware of and use NeighborhoodofGood.com, a platform that makes it easy for people to volunteer. They also wanted to reinforce the brand perception that State Farm is active in communities. 

Most people want to give back, but when it comes down to it, only 1 in 4 follow through. More would volunteer if only they believed that they could make a difference. So, we created a heartfelt story series that followed a few philanthropic artists who demonstrated how and why people should get involved. 

We created exclusive stories about the artists, through long and short form content, radio, banners, web, streaming and TV.  The results for Panic well exceeded our benchmark for site visits and volunteer commitments. The campaign also received praise and features in numerous press outlets.  

For Panic!, the story was centered on Brendon and his passion for mentorship, which dated back to his early years.

As we learned more about him and his audience, a mini-documentary approach emerged, so we developed a number of narrative devices (such as a logline and treatments) to keep the story on track through production.

We made a lot of shorter pieces for State Farm and Panic social channels which led to immensely positive fan reactions; OMGs and tears and the creation of memes using our core content.

As a writer, it was both a privilege and a challenge to help orchestrate a series of “unscripted” content that also had to perform for marketing channels.

We had to plan the story comprehensively, but also allow for flexibility and be prepared to notice new themes as they arise.

One of my favorite parts was being able to interview the talent and dig into their story to bring out the most engaging and meaningful nuggets.  

Episodes 2, 3 and 4:

Episode 4 was especially impactful because the story came full circle. 
We helped Brendon create a music recording studio for children in his hometown. And, we surprised him with a special visit from his own highschool mentor, the same person who convinced him to stick with music!

SF x Lauren Alaina

After Panic!, we had the opportunity to work with Lauren Alaina and tell her story.
Through a year of content creation that took place in studio, at festivals and on the road, we encouraged thousands of people to donate time and money to volunteer efforts. 

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