State Farm - Neighborhood of Good

Ask: Our clients wanted more people to use, a platform that makes it easy for people to volunteer. We also wanted to change brand perception so that people see State Farm as a brand that doesn’t just care about communities, they are active in communities.

Insight: Most people want to give back, but when it comes down to it, only 1 in 4 follow through. Two of the biggest percieved barriers are time required and skill set needed to make a difference. Music can help us reach people who care and pull them together with the shared purpose of giving back. 

Solution: Three 360 campaigns that each feature an up and coming artist with with a history of philanthropy (Panic At The Disco, Lauren Alaina, Andra Day). Through artist specific concepts, the artists inspire their fans and show how State Farm makes it easy for them to give back. 

For Panic, our concept was centered around Brendan and his passion for mentorship.

As we learned more about his audience, a mini-documentary approach emerged and we developed a logline and treatments. The execution provided fans with exclusive stories, through both long form and short form content, radio, banners, web and streaming. 

There will be three more episodes of similar length rolling out over October and November 2018 for Panic. The series ends with Brendon and State Farm creating a lasting contribution in his own neighborhood--A recording studio for youth in his old Boys & Girls Club.

We made TONS of cut downs for State Farm, Panic, and accross various channels which lead to volcanic fan reactions of OMGs and tears and memes.

Episode 2

Some fan reactions for Episode 2 below. 

Episode 3

Episode 4

Final Note: It was a challenging project in so many good ways. One thing I’ve learned is that we watch our fiction become reality with this type of storytelling. It’s exciting. You have to plan the story comprehensively, but also allow for the moment and be prepared to notice new themes as they arise, and connect those themes back to the brand essence and artist throughline. 

Reception: The campaign will be in market through December, 2018, and initial reports show that we will exceed our success metrics. Anecdotally, we know from fans that we hit the sweet spot between brand and consumer. And our clients and Brendon’s management have said the same thing in their own words, “this is the best advertising storytelling we’ve been a part of.” 

Up next we will be working with these two talented and inspiring artist/philanthropists.

Agency: TMA
CD: Brandon Stuart
ACD: Zane Cassidy
Sr. AD: Christina Contreras
CW: Brynn Cahalan  
Jr. AD: Eli Ching