Philips OneBlade

Philips was a TMA client for several years before I joined the party in 2016 when we were awarded just a few more brands (seven at once!) including Sonicare, Avent, Norelco, Sleep and AirFryer.

I was brought over from the 3M team to help establish the Philips creative team that ran these brands. In other words, “Philip” became my new best friend and life partner. We did a TON of social paid content where we had to find clever creative solutions within strict brand parameters and small budgets. The position also allowed me to travel to the east coast a number of times to work directly with our clients in Stamford, CT. 

Strange New Beard

Ask: Benedict Cumberbach has a nice beard in this movie, so make the most out of this Marvel Dr. Strange social buy and sponsorship (it was a thin brief).  

Insight: We learned that our target sends his friends pics of himself mid-shave to show off facial hair syles that he normally wouldn’t dare wear in public. 

Solution: Reward those who are bold enough to step away from the sink with a #StrangeNewBeard. 

This social campaign messaged the product’s ability to trim, edge and shave to encourage men to try something new with only one tool, the OneBlade. Participants were rewareded with product, movie tickets, and ego strokes from our community manager. 

Post Copy: Stop sending your friends pics of your #StrangeNewBeard and share them with us instead. We have the Dr. Strange tickets and replacement blades you seek. 

When it comes to UGC call to action, I’m always hesitant unless we have proper reasearch on the target and motivators in place. The hype of this movie, tickets, and our knowledge that guys like sharing photos of themselves while shaving (even if they don’t keep their masterpiece) was enough to make the submissions a massive success. 

Post Copy: Congrats @RickyQueso for stepping away from the sink with a #StrangeNewBeard... and a new OneBlade. #Winner

To get things started, we used existing photos of brand advocates along with our campaign CTA to create UGC-ish, branded content. The comment based submissions started pouring in. Never underestimate male vanity/hilarity. 
Post Copy: Who will be our #StrangeNewBeard winner today? It could be you, currently nameless Chin Curtain man. [Award Emoji]

Post Copy: Trim. Edge. Shave. The three demensions of facial grooming in one tool. The OneBlade. 

Comic Con Build 
The Strange New Beard concept came to life at Comic Con NY were guys could rest their feet and let our barbers go to work, giving them the Marvel character beard of their choosing. 

Reception: We exceeded our UGC and engagement benchmarks, which were the two most important metrics of success in my opinion because they show that we made a meaningful connection between brand and consumer. We also exceeded our reach benchmark but because of the media buy that seemed inevitable.

OneBlade One-Take

I loved this project because it was built on social listening and it was an upsell, outside of scoped creative. From our research, we found that too many guys couldn’t believe the OneBlade worked like it did in the above the line ads, but we knew that a more authentic approach would change their minds.

Ask: Show guys that the OneBlade is as advertised. It really can hack through your face forest, fast.

Insight: We knew from social listening that once guys actually tried it, they were amazed with how well it worked. We also knew that our target appreciated when brands were self aware in their humor.  

Solution: Create something fun and believable (not an ad). We got a regular guy to shave his beard based on suggestions from social, and he did it in one take.

First, we targeted our skeptical audience with the GIF post you see below, asking them to comment and chose his facial hair style (the comments were hilarious). As we gathered the comments in real time, we decided on the styles he would shave. And we had real time fun with the fans, building engagement through back and forth banter with the brand.

Post Copy: [Hand Wave Emoji] Hey regular guys, how should this regular guy shave his beard with the OneBlade? TIA.

We turned the video around fast. It was live a few days later and retargeted guys who engaged with the GIF post. 

Post Copy: You requested, he delivered. Watch this regular guy shave three different styles in one-take, with the OneBlade.

Reception: Our measure for success was to convince guys that the OneBlade works as advertised and we accomplished that. Also, the approach we decided on, to create an authentic video with consumer participation, had the unplanned benefit of helping us identify advocates who we recruited to our micro influencer team.  

Yes Shave December

Ask: Create paid social posts for the month of November as part of our always on paid strategy.

Insight: Guys get swept away by the No Shave November craze. With that comes a lot of terribly unkempt mugs and towards the end of the month, desperation for an irritation free shave sets in. 

Solution: Yes Shave December. A targeted campaign where our guy would see the OneBlade checking in on him during November, encouraging him, and reminding him that there’s light at the end of the tunnel with OneBlade.

Post Copy: The OneBlade has you covered, wet or dry, with a comfy victory shave. #YesShaveDecember

Post Copy: Consider this… That neck beard will irritate your girlfriend, but the OneBlade won’t irritate your neck. #YesShaveDecember

Post Copy: Trim, edge and shave your way through those whiskery woods with the OneBlade. #YesShaveDecember

We were able to work with our clients to communicate product features while expanding on brand storytelling through humor. In doing so, we connected with our audience who could relate with the humor and the insight, and therefor the brand. Both client and agency team knew we could have done something bigger with this insight and concept if we had more $$$.


Agency: Fanscape/TMA
CD: Brandon Stuart
ACD: Zane Cassidy
CW: Brynn Cahalan
AD: Francesca Mastromarino