Mandalay Bay

This work was part of a branding campaign for Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef aquarium.

What? No sharks? Yep... The goal was to show off some of the other creatures that live "under the strip."

Sea Nettle:

IMAGE 1 COPY: The allure of the Sea Nettle is as intoxicating as its touch. Every tentacle is lined with hundreds of unseen barbs, each a poisonous reminder from nature, that beauty is only skin deep...

IMAGE 2 & 3 COPY: A glance will captivate you. A touch will bring you to your knees. Hundreds of toxic barbs line the Sea Nettle’s tentacles; ready to paralyze anything that mistakes their beauty as an invitation...

Green Sea Turtle:

COPY: Green Sea Turtles are always on the go. If they're lucky enough to make it from egg to ocean, then they have the rest of their lives to look forward to, living as a delicacy for sharks...

Outdoor and taxi topper:

Agency: RPA
CD: Scott McDonald
AD: Christian Musson
CW: Zane Cassidy