Happy Honda Days

Create a holiday campaign that supports the annual Happy Honda Days sales campaign. This email/social campaign would be shared from Honda to its 2 million Owner Link recipients; a list that included many die hard Honda fans/advocates.  

Execution:We created customizable branded content that allowed for people to share their own message of holiday cheer, with family and friends. It ended up getting way more traction than we anticipated.

From the initial email (and social) you were directed to the microsite to pick your own card to share.

The subsequent engagement was positive, sentimental and joyful. People were using these tags to connect with one another. 

Other than this engagement play, we also created promotional ads and emails. 

Civic Coupe & Si Coupe

I was the CW for Civic Coupe and Si. I did a lot of writing and concepting for both models, including the below interactive tour video, creating digital banners and web copy.

"Play" concept banner and interactive expandable

"Motion" concept banner 

Technical copy:

Agency: RPA
CD: Luis Ramirez / Dan Roberts
AD: Erin Magbee / Quinn Fuca 
CW: Zane Cassidy


Hi, I’m Zane

I help brands develop their strategy and express it through creative concepts, content and copy.

I take my work seriously. But I don’t take myself too seriously. 

Want to see some cool new stuff? 

Cool New Stuff (Portfolio)


Verbal Identity

Brand Strategy

Before freelance, I spent 10 years at agencies and in-house. Working within a variety of categories and with household names. 

Nowadays, I partner with startups and small to mid-sized companies.  

Together, we create cool new stuff.

🏆 Award-winning verbal and visual identities. Like my work on Arch Anchor and Mosaic, done in partnership with comrades at Dean & Co.

🐣 New brand campaigns and performance marketing assets. That question category norms and drive engagement. Like my work with UCLA and Guava Family.

👔 Partner with CEOs at brands like Nexbelt and Unique Vintage. Helping them craft a distinct brand voice and a consistent story. Attracting new customers and investors.

You can learn more about these projects right here. Go. Browse! 

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“Zane's ability to jump in and quickly create impactful, immediately usable work is every creative director's dream. Specifically how he helped us take dissonant insights and turn them into a solid, strategy-lead manifesto and multiple brand video scripts for performance marketing.” Reed Schmidt, Creative Director, Guava

“We hired Zane to help us reposition the brand with a new verbal identity and personality. He has a very thorough strategy process which really got to the essence of who we are as a brand. The collaboration and communication along the way was excellent. He truly exceeded expectations.” Gregg Hemphill, CEO, Nexbelt

“His ability to tie creative thinking to consumer insights, trends/culture, and our marketing objectives was unmatched by any creative I have ever worked with. It was always clear where an idea started and how he got to the final product.” Gina Colonette, Senior Social Media Manager, Philips 

Positivity: It’s possible to be an effective pro and have fun at work. I try (my best) to murder my ego, uplift others and enjoy uncertainty. 

The act of learning and unlearning is like sunshine for the mind. Curiosity keeps me aware, humble and open to new ideas.

Adaptability. I’m gonna let Lau Tzu take this one, “A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The stiff will be broken; the soft will prevail.”

Belief-iocity. You can call me Ted Lasso because I believe in belief and that the customer notices said belief. Trickle down belief-onomics.