History Channel

We pitched (and lost) the History Channel digital AOR. However, our strong showing earned us this show launch opportunity, and our subsequent success earned us the Lifetime Channel AOR as well as project work on other A&E brands.

The World Wars

Ask: Get their target (who over indexes in mobile gaming and being a know it all) to not just tune-in to the premiere, but become advocates in advance.

Insight: Our target craves details of the war, the stuff that’s not in the Wikipedia pages. He’s also hooked on mobile gaming.

Solution: We created a first of its kind campaign with tons of easter eggs for the target that was brought together through an exclusive app partnership and social TV experience.

P.S. Can you guess who is reading the case study VO? (Hint: Yours truly!)

Agency: Fanscape
CD: Brandon Stuart
Sr. CW: Zane Cassidy
AD: Christina Contreras
AD: Josh Sun