My Fiction

I could tell you I write fiction to understand other people better, and that wouldn’t be a lie. What would be more true, though, is for me to say I write fiction to understand myself better as I explore other people... Did that sound writerly enough? 

12/100 (Buy on Amazon)

Synopsis: One hundred short stories written in one hundred consecutive days. Here are the strangest twelve. Expect quirky characters, magical realism, and more (yes, more).

-- Excerpts --

"An eruption like a double-barreled shotgun blast dislodged a buckshot of high-priority emails from my nostrils at 100 mph." -My First Cold

"You stop to wipe the sweat off your brow. Some of your perspiration falls into orbit and a comet is born." -The Maker and the Taker

"I never thought twice about Becky Delong’s dad’s nickname, Mr. D, until Thanksgiving when he told me that he’s Death." -A Good Year for Death

Mammalium (Buy on Amazon)

Synopsis: What could a humpback whale, a hare, a synthetic human and a jaguar have in common with us humans? Quite a lot, actually. Each story explores the fate of imperfect people and animals as they are swept away in the reality-shaping stream that is mammalian emotion. Grand transformation awaits you.

-- Stories --

The Aurora Project
For the first time in history humans will speak directly with another species and this will make the man behind this breakthrough very happy. Terribly happy.

Young Hare
A teenage girl falls in love with the boy she used to torment, but neither of them could predict the transformation their angst-fueled games will conjure from the Earth.

Chrys and Matt (from Earth)
The future of humanity is in her indestructible hands, and also in Matt’s, but Chrys is pretty sure he’s just going to fudge something up. If he wasn't the last guy alive, she'd probably move on.

Salvador the Jaguar
A man who has lived his entire life as both the hunted and the hunter must make a choice that goes against his instincts. When he does, he knows it will cost him everything.