So, you want to learn about my copywriting mentorship?

There's more to it than beating your next writer’s block. Although, that’s important, too.

I’ve been a copywriter for over ten years. I’ve managed art directors and copywriters. During that time I’ve had two mentors that helped shape my career (and life).

If it wasn’t for their active involvement, I would've gone back to being a stunt kid. Can you imagine that? A grown man, auditioning for children’s roles. I’d be like the guy who graduates high school but doesn’t graduate high school parties.

I digress...

Getting paid to do creative work is more challenging than ever before. 

As a profession, the pressure to be creative and sell your work can mess with your sense of direction, money and emotions.

Whether you work at an agency, in-house at a brand or freelance, it helps to have a plan. And someone (who isn’t your betrothed or your knuckle-headed friend) to nudge you along.

As a mentor, I impart my knowledge and experience in a six month personalized program. Full of timely career and creative advice.

That’s the baseline.

However, this is also an opportunity for people who want more.

It’s for those who want to take risks, try new experiences and strengthen their creative intuition.

At this point, you might be wondering, “What’s in it for you, Zane?” 

I’ve come to believe that teaching is the highest form of learning. For me to reach the next level, it's time to share what I know.

Mentorship Requirements

  • You’ve decided to make copywriting your core career skill
  • You have some work experience or a spec portfolio
  • You can commit to weekly check-ins for the first month
  • You can read this book (Optional)

What You Get

  • Candid work-related advice when you need it. I’m an email or text away from helping you improve your creative and marketing skills. Breaking through a creative block. Helping you negotiate better pay. Landing a better job.

  • Develop personal and professional goals that you actually want to accomplish. Meet regularly to discuss your progress, evaluate and redesign.

  • Equip yourself with a routine and tools that will help you achieve these goals. And surprise yourself with new self-discoveries.

  • Helpful resources hand-picked by myself for you, based on our discussions.  

  • Ongoing support in the form of messages and reminders.  

  • Build your creative intuition so that people turn to you for advice and to “make the call.”

So, what’s next?

Learn more about the mentorship


Hey Whipple Squeeze This
  • I read this in my first year of copywriting. It’s still a must read IMO. 

  • The single best course I’ve taken on persuasive copywriting.

Copywriting Examples
  • Current copy and analysis that will inspire you (and it’s free).

American Marketing Association
  • If you want to add a new technical skill, this is a good place to start.  

How Brands Grow
  • Great creatives are good marketers. Read this book. 

  • Great creatives are good marketers. Read this book, too.

Never Split the Difference
  • Learn how to think about language like a negotiator (and get what you want).

The Tools
  • Learn how to develop more of the these Cs: courage, curiosity and consistency.

Improv and Public Speaking
  • If you haven’t yet, invest time in one of these two areas. Or do both. I dare you. 

Hi, I’m Zane

I help brands develop their strategy and express it through creative concepts, content and copy.

I take my work seriously. But I don’t take myself too seriously. 

Want to see some cool new stuff? 

Cool New Stuff (Portfolio)


Verbal Identity

Brand Strategy

Before freelance, I spent 10 years at agencies and in-house. Working within a variety of categories and with household names. 

Nowadays, I partner with startups and small to mid-sized companies.  

Together, we create cool new stuff.

🏆 Award-winning verbal and visual identities. Like my work on Arch Anchor and Mosaic, done in partnership with comrades at Dean & Co.

🐣 New brand campaigns and performance marketing assets. That question category norms and drive engagement. Like my work with UCLA and Guava Family.

👔 Partner with CEOs at brands like Nexbelt and Unique Vintage. Helping them craft a distinct brand voice and a consistent story. Attracting new customers and investors.

You can learn more about these projects right here. Go. Browse! 

Then say hi

“Zane's ability to jump in and quickly create impactful, immediately usable work is every creative director's dream. Specifically how he helped us take dissonant insights and turn them into a solid, strategy-lead manifesto and multiple brand video scripts for performance marketing.” Reed Schmidt, Creative Director, Guava

“We hired Zane to help us reposition the brand with a new verbal identity and personality. He has a very thorough strategy process which really got to the essence of who we are as a brand. The collaboration and communication along the way was excellent. He truly exceeded expectations.” Gregg Hemphill, CEO, Nexbelt

“His ability to tie creative thinking to consumer insights, trends/culture, and our marketing objectives was unmatched by any creative I have ever worked with. It was always clear where an idea started and how he got to the final product.” Gina Colonette, Senior Social Media Manager, Philips 

Positivity: It’s possible to be an effective pro and have fun at work. I try (my best) to murder my ego, uplift others and enjoy uncertainty. 

The act of learning and unlearning is like sunshine for the mind. Curiosity keeps me aware, humble and open to new ideas.

Adaptability. I’m gonna let Lau Tzu take this one, “A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The stiff will be broken; the soft will prevail.”

Belief-iocity. You can call me Ted Lasso because I believe in belief and that the customer notices said belief. Trickle down belief-onomics.